Gaiter 420 HD short

Short gaiters made of nylon, reliable protection for shoes and trouser legs.

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Product Info
Reliable protection for shoes and trouser legs. Whether wet grass, deep powder snow or desert brush - Gaiters will protect your feet and trouser legs.


  • Adjustable Hypalone loops for your boots
  • Attachment hook for shoe laces
Technical Datas
Measurements: H: 29cm / U: 40cm
Weight: 150 g
Fabric 1: 420 HD Nylon

Material: 420 HD Nylon 420 HD Nylon

The classic 420 den Nylon material has proved itself in the "high density" (HD) version as a good, very flexible basic material. The 420 den yarn gives it a very high tear resistance. The material is made waterproof by the triple PU coating.

100% Polyamide

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Gaiter 420 HD short

Gaiter 420 HD short

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