Zeltuntl. 250x155

Ground sheet for tents 250 x 155 cm. Protects the base of the tent from damage caused by stones, branches etc.

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Product Info

Protects the base of the tent from damp and stones. The ground sheet protects the base of the tent from damage caused by stones, branches etc., and fend off the rain and cold for longer. When making a purchase, always remember that the ground sheet should not be larger than the erected outer tent in order to avoid the "funnel effect". Fits for Arctis 2.235, Alaska 2.235 PU, Narvik 3, Grönland 3, Grönland 3 Vent and also usable for Koli.

In our Tent Groundsheet Guide you’ll find which sheet best suits which Tatonka tent.


  • Eylets at the corners for the possibilty of fixation
Technical Datas
Measurements: 250 x 155/ 110 cm
Weight: 400 g
Fabric 1: Reinforced PE-Foil

Material: Reinforced PE-Foil Reinforced PE-Foil

The polyethylene foil is reinforced with textile fibres, and is used to manufacture the basic protective sack (Schutzsack einfach) for backpacks.

100% Polyethylene

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Zeltuntl. 250x155

Zeltuntl. 250x155

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