Riemen ST-18mm/0,75m

Strap (18 mm / 0.75 m) for minimising volume of luggage or for attaching baggage to the outside of a backpack.

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Product Info
Pack strap for minimising volume. This strap enables you to compress your luggage and save volume. Or the strap can be used to attach baggage to the outside of your rucksack.


  • Length adjustable
Technical Datas
Measurements: 75 x 1,8 cm
Weight: 32 g
Fabric 1: Polyester Webbing

Material: Polyester Webbing Polyester Webbing

The woven rib webbing is extremely wear- and tear-proof, and is used for packing straps, belts and rucksack straps.

100% Polyester

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Riemen ST-18mm/0,75m

Riemen ST-18mm/0,75m

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