Helping in the sign of the bison.

Helping in the sign of the bison.

In the language of the Sioux, “Tatanka oyate” means “Nation of the buffalo”. For over ten years, Tatonka and the Tatanka Oyate association have been supporting the Lakota Sioux in its fight to preserve its culture and language. Their commitment has helped to develop textbooks for the Lakota language, and finance language camps for children.

Tatanka Oyate also organises fund-raising trips to the Pine Ridge Reservation in order to support other projects. Over the course of the two-week tours, participants are given exciting insights into the life of the Lakota as it is today. These regular trips will include a visit to Lakota Immersion Childcare. Since 2012, very young children of carers have been looked after at this day nursery in Oglala, where only Lakota is spoken. This means that they are already introduced to the language of their ancestors at a very early age through play and socially - the best preparation for creating the first generation of new speakers.

Tatonka and Tatanka Oyate will continue to support this project closely, and do everything possible to collect funds through fund-raising trips and campaigns so that there can be many more projects in the future.

Tatanka Oyate was founded in 2003 by Dirk Rohrbach. The writer and photographer is a passionate traveller. For more than 25 years, he has constantly been drawn back to North America. He has ridden around the USA on a bicycle and canoed the Yukon River in Canada and Alaska from the source lakes to the Bering Sea in a home-made birch bark canoe. Most recently, he cycled from New York to Los Angeles. When it comes to his equipment, he opts for tents, bags and weatherproof clothing by Tatonka.

Dirk Rohrbach reports on his trips and encounters in impressive live broadcasts. His books “Americana”, “Yukon” and “Highway Junkie” are published by Malik/National Geographic.

Please help the Buffalo Nation to preserve its language, identity and culture.

Tatanka Oyate

Tatanka Oyate Association for the support of indigenous peoples

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