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Responsible thinking – sustainable acting - The Green-Collection by Tatonka
The GREEN Collection

Responsible thinking –
sustainable acting

Our GREEN label helps you select Tatonka products in which we use sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials. Depending on the latest technologies, it is not always 100% those materials, but they are absolutely a much more sustainable option. We also continuously improve on them with new developments. Our objective is to gradually increase our range of products offered within the GREEN line.

GREEN label products feature both recycled materials (e.g. recycled polyester) as well as textiles from renewable, biodegradable and recyclable raw materials (e.g. wool, organic cotton, etc.).
Our selection of future materials are always being adapted to the latest technological developments and we replace older products whenever we can if there are reasonable, organically-based alternatives to existing oil-based fabrics. And of course our high standards for quality also apply to GREEN label products.

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Green by Tatonka

As with the entire Tatonka collection, we only use carefully tested materials so our products stand up to the high demands we place on top functionality and maximum durability. We also guarantee that with GREEN label products – like all other Tatonka products – that our material suppliers manufacture their wares in an energy-saving and resource-friendly manner. They contain no unsafe substances and conform to the REACH regulation, which means they comply with European chemicals ordinances. The REACH regulation contains the strictest chemical laws in the world in order to protect human and overall environmental health. This is what we view as our responsibility in terms of sustainable business.

  • PFC-free gear (apparel)
  • Recycled polyester (daypack)
  • Renewable raw materials (apparel)
  • Top functionality
  • Superb quality
  • Durability

The GREEN label

Products with the Tatonka GREEN label are manufactured using sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials. They spare our finite resources and fulfill our demands for top functionality, stellar quality and a minimal ecological footprint. Tatonka GREEN label products are the result of material developments that we continually promote with our closest material suppliers.

  • Using recycled materials

    By using recycled materials, we are able to preserve resources and minimize waste. We use recycled materials in both our backpacks and bags as well as in our apparel. For example, fabrics and zippers can be made with recycled polyester.

  • Using renewable raw materials

    Natural textiles such as cotton or sheep’s wool are renewable, reusable and organically biodegradable raw materials. In our apparel we use textiles with high proportions of natural fibers or even completely out of natural fibers, among other things. To preserve finite resources we also integrate recycled natural fibers.

  • PFC-free gear

    Our apparel collection is completely PFC-free, which means we only use waterproofing and stain-resistant media without perfluorocarbons (abbreviation: “PFC”). This means that when you wear or wash your gear, no chemical compounds will be created that have detrimental effects on the environment or on your health.

  • Sustainable outdoor kitchen sets

    Our large range of stainless steel camping and cooking sets more than fulfill the demand for sustainability. Stainless steel has an almost infinite lifespan. It is unbreakable, food-safe and resistant to fruit acids as well as being 100% nontoxic. Stainless steel is also recyclable.

  • Plastic-free packaging

    Plastic trash is having a massive impact on our environment and on all living creatures on our planet. With our packaging we are helping avoid the creation of even more of that plastic garbage. Nearly all Tatonka products that come packaged are placed in cardboard boxes or they have a simple cardboard hangtag or label. These can then easily be put into the paper recycling bin.

  • Fair and transparent manufacturing

    Tatonka products are manufactured at our own SA8000-certified facilities in Vietnam. Our Open Factory program allows you to visit those facilities yourself and see the high social standards and fair working conditions that we offer our employees. For more information go here.

Fair & Transparent - Visit the Tatonka Open Factory Website