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The RECCO® Family from Tatonka

Innovative equipment for outdoor enthusiasts

Tatonka’s high-end gear offers you added security when you’re adventuring in the outdoors! Recco® reflectors in our backpacks and outdoor apparel help professional rescue teams safely locate missing persons from the air. Discover the RECCO® Family from Tatonka!

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The RECCO® reflector – a lifesaver

We want you to be safe out there! So we integrate RECCO® reflectors in our hiking, climbing and trekking backpacks as well as in our highly-functional outdoor apparel. Why do we do this? Well, despite having smartphones and GPS these days on hikes, mountain treks or wilderness adventures, sometimes people still go missing. When that happens, rescue units often have to sweep large areas with helicopters. If people have gear that is equipped with RECCO® reflectors, the searches are much faster and most often there is still time before situations become life-threatening.

The RECCO®rescue system is based on a passive reflector combined with an active search device. The device sends a radio signal that is “sent back” by the RECCO® reflector. Using a radar system it is possible to precisely locate missing persons even if they don’t know themselves where they are. During missing person searches, RECCO® helicopter detectors can cover roughly one square kilometer every six minutes. For more information about outdoor regions where rescue organizations are equipped with RECCO® helicopter detectors, go here

    • Zenja W's Recco Jacket
    • Zenja M's Recco Jacket
    • Marto W's Recco Jacket
    • Tores W's Recco Pants
    • Tores M's Recco Pants
    • Bowles W's Recco Pants

    RECCO® – always there for your safety

    • Skill 30 Recco
    • Storm 20 Recco
    • Kings Peak 45 Recco
    • Yukon X1
    • Cima die Basso 40 Recco
    • Kings Peak 45 Recco

    The RECCO® reflector is firmly sewn into our jackets, pants and backpacks. We place the reflector in every product following RECCO®-specific instructions so it can always be located by the helicopter detector. By integrating the reflector in our equipment, you don’t need to worry about forgetting this essential additional safety feature.


    • Secure and precise positioning

      using radio signals

    • lifespan


    • Optimal safety levels

      on hikes, mountain treks and trekking tours

    • No loss of signal strength

      over years of use

    • No electricity


    • No activation


    The RECCO® reflector always with you!

    • Ventilated hiking backpack with RECCO® reflector.

      Our hiking backpack line offers you the choice of different models in varying sizes. Thanks to the reduced material requirements of the X Vent Zero carrying system, our Skill 30 RECCO,Kings Peak RECCO, Hiking Pack and Storm RECCO models offer optimized ventilation and are superbly equipped with features including hydration compatibility, hiking pole straps and a rain cover.

    • Robust climbing backpacks with RECCO® reflectors

      Our robust climbing backpacks with RECCO® reflectors are also equipped with all of the features you need for mountain adventures. The lightweight Cima di Basso RECCO is also available in a version specially designed for women. With its clever list of features, the Mountain Pack has the same design as the version we put together for the Bavarian Mountain Rescue service.

    • Large trekking backpack with RECCO® reflector

      The Yukon X1 RECCO trekking backpack has a high-performance X1 carrying system and is the perfect choice for wilderness lovers. It’s comfortable to carry even with loads of over 25 kilos and offers a full range of trekking features for multi-week tours outside of your comfort zone.

    • Waterproof-breathable rain jacket with a RECCO® reflector

      Our lightweight and durable three-layers Zenja Recco Jacket is made of PFC-free, 4-way stretch material and with its stretchable PU membrane also offers unusually good range of motion. Thanks to its seamless shoulder yoke and high set zipper pockets you’ll still enjoy the comfort you need when carrying a backpack.

    • Waterproof-breathable rain pants with a RECCO® reflector

      The robust and lightweight Tores Recco Pants are also equipped with PFC-free, 4-way stretch material combined with a stretchable PU membrane and feature a reinforced, preformed knee section for optimal comfort. Hook-and-loop closures on the hems make it possible to adjust them over boots. Cordura on the inner side of the lower leg section protects them from abrasion, and long two-way zippers make them easy to take on and off.

    • Durable softshell pants with a RECCO® reflector

      Our superbly comfortable softshell Bowles Recco Pants are made of a supple, drizzle-proof PFC-free material and are ideal for hiking, mountain or trekking tours of all kinds. They have a preformed knee section and four zipper pockets. Cordura patches on the inner side of the lower leg protects them from abrasion.

    • Windproof softshell jacket with RECCO® reflector

      Our windproof softshell Marto Recco Jacket with breathable membrane is ideal for demanding outdoor tours with or without a backpack. The robust, pilled inner material keeps you warm in adverse conditions and the piece is of course drizzle-proof and PFC-free.

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