The rule that applies on every tour is:
Safety First.

Awaiting you in the great outdoors are adventures – but also dangers When planning your tour, safety should be the number one priority. Having the right first-aid equipment is so important because in extreme cases it can be decisive in saving the health and life of a fellow tour participant.

First Aid Pack

Even for locations that are difficult to access you need a suitable first aid set. The First Aid Pack can be carried on the back - due to its carrying system and the waist belt. The content has to be enclosed additionally.

Product: First Aid Pack

First Aid Family

On an excursion with the whole family the first aid set should offer a lot of space. The First Aid Family Set is hinged, very spacious and roundly padded. Thanks to the detachable carrying strap it can be transported easily. The set is obtainable without content.

Product: First Aid Family

Rescue Blanket

No tour is complete without this rescue blanket. Since it reflects the endogenous heat it protects from becoming hypothermic.

Product: Rescue Blanket

First Aid

This handy first aid bag is available in the sizes XS, S and M and is vertically and horizontally attachable to the belt. The main compartment is divided so that the required utensils can be obtained without a long search. The bag is obtainable without content.

Product: First Aid 'XS'

Product: First Aid 'S'

Product: First Aid 'M'

First Aid School

First-aid kit for children. With this kit, your offspring will be ideally prepared for an "emergency" in their lunch break. Dino plasters are sure to work wonders. And of course your little ones will also feel a lot safer if they can treat themselves on their way to school. With the mini-carabiner, the First Aid School kit can also be firmly attached everywhere – preferably onto one of the great Tatonka school satchels of course.

Product: First Aid School

First Aid Mini

Even a little emergency assistance can cause great outcome. Solely the punctual use of the tick tweezers can prevent serious damage, if being en route in the “wrong area“. But the First Aid Mini also covers all the little scratches and abrasions, which you might incur.

Product: First Aid Mini

First Aid Basic

Basic first-aid equipment. This kit contains daytrip basic equipment for one person –perfectly tailored to the purpose and clearly stored away. After all, the Outdoorschule Süd has not only passed on its expertise to the "big first-aiders".

Product: First Aid Basic

First Aid Basic Waterproof

Minimum equipment in a waterproof case. Stocked for one person and designed for use on daytrips. The waterproof case ensures that even in snow, rain or use on the water, when canoeing for example, the material also stays dry and usable.

Product: First Aid Basic Waterproof

First Aid Compact

Basic first-aid equipment for two. The materials here have also been compiled into a compact kit based on the rules of the Outdoorschule Süd. This kit is designed for expeditions lasting one to three days.

Product: First Aid Compact

First Aid Complete

The perfect first-aid equipment for all outdoor activities. This set is particularly recommended for use "off the beaten track", where fastacting medical attention is not guaranteed. When administered correctly, first aid can prevent problems in the future and in an emergency situation there's no time to make your way to the nearest doctor to wait for help.

Product: First Aid Complete

First Aid Advanced

Fully equipped first-aid kit for all of those in a position of responsibility. The Outdoorschule Süd designed this kit especially with group or tour leaders in mind. Its contents are just as extensive – and are designed to cover first-aid requirements for up to six people on tours of less than 14 days. But take note: It doesn't just suffice to have the right material with you. It's just as important to know how to use it properly.

Product: First Aid Advanced