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07.11.2018 von Casey

Hi there! I am a USA citizen and was in Australia in Feb 2016. While there I bought one of your backpacks (model G761126 I think). I love it! However, the back zipper pocket appears to have been glued on rather than stitched. The pocket is ripping out. I have attempted to fix it with superglue a few times but the problem keeps recurring. I want to take advantage of your warranty but in the States there is no retailer I know of that can do the repair/replacement process. Do you have any suggestions for how I can take advantage of your guarantee and get this either repaired or replaced?



Tatonka antwortet

Hi Casey,
we have no business in USA, so perhaps a tailor in your area can help you with fixing the zipper.

Best regards,
your Tatonka-Team

07.11.2018 von Endre SIMON

Dear All, I use your big bags for more than 10 years. Now the name shield would be broken.
How can I get/buy new one. Best regards, Endre

Tatonka antwortet

Hi Endre,
please contact your dealer. He can order a new name shield as a spare part.

Best regards,
your Tatonka-Team

07.11.2018 von Nick

Hello. I have bought a Tatonka Superlight backpack, I want to know how to unfold and fold the backpack. Is there any tutorial video or instructions?

Tatonka antwortet

Hi Nick,
we have no tutorial to fold and unfold the Superlight.... Just try !

Best regards,
your Tatonka-Team

07.11.2018 von william chow

Hi, my Tatonka Pyrox Plus which I bought 5 years ago has deteriorated even though i only use it twice annually. The elastic bands that holds the clips to lock the backpack has recently broken. All the elastic band material is coming off bits by bits. Just wondered if there’s guarantee service that can repair or replace this rather disappointing purchase. Thanks.

Tatonka antwortet

Hi William,
where are you based? Please have a look at the following link for a dealer in your area.

Contact them for further information. He can help you or send the backpack to our company.

Best regards,
your Tatonka-Team

05.11.2018 von Bernd (Duisburg)

Ich habe seit jahren eine Tatonka Edelstahl Isolierflsche (Thermoskanne) 1 l im Einsatz. Nun ist der Schraubverschluss entgültig defekt (Materialermüdung) und ich suche des entsprechende Ersatzteil. Ich hoffe, Sie können mir behilflich sein...
Vielen Dank!

Tatonka antwortet

Hallo Bernd,
wir haben nur noch Ersatzteile für die aktuellen Hot & Cold Stuff. Für Flaschen, welche schon älter sind passen die Schraubverschlüsse nicht.

Viele Grüße,
Dein Tatonka-Team

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