Magical hut experiences in autumn – everything that can be done around a mountain hut

Enjoying the last sunny days in autumn, a lot of families take a time out in the mountains. Maybe you, too, are planning an exciting trip to one of the many mountain huts. But what is there to do, besides hiking? Tatonka has some ideas for you to try out around the hut.

Especially in autumn, nature shows itself from the most colorful side and invites us to go hiking. So you should definitely schedule some time for excursions to the mountains. To look up everything you need for such an adventure, click here.

When returning from your hike, back to the hut, there is no need to get bored, since there are a lot of exiting things to do. You are surrounded by natural treasures and just need to find them. For example shaded leaves: you could collect them and form funny pictures. Or what about flowers, stones, wood and grasses? Find out what nature has to offer and with some aptitude you can forge the greatest figures. Who can shape a butterfly? And who tinkers the craziest bird? If you need some inspiration on what to do with your discovered objects, have a look at these suggestions.

It is also a lot of fun to build yourself a little shelter – with tree branches and limbs, grass and moss. The easiest way to start, is to find a stout branch and lean it against a tree. Next, you should collect smaller branches with little twigs and arrange them in a fishbone-like manner around the big branch, to form a sort of tent. If your shelter is dense enough, you can cover it with moss and foliage to make it rainproof. Your parents will certainly help you. Whether to find enough material naturally depends on the height of your hut and the stock of trees.

You should definitely have seen the spangled sky in the mountains – the stars seem to be within reach there. For that reason the sky is supposed to be clear. Otherwise you can just have a look at the clouds. Before watching the stars you could enjoy the sunset: many huts offer a great view and you can catch side of a very special play of colors. If it is cold outside, a little bonfire might be an atmospheric way of warming yourself up – besides warm clothes. Just make sure whether and where such is allowed. If the possibility is given you need the supervising help of an adult and should never try it alone – fire can be very dangerous.

In case it is uncomfortable and grubby outside you might want to stay inside the hut. Therefore it is important to bring along some parlor games. They are fun and furthermore a good opportunity to get to know other kids. Also remember to bring feel-good clothes, in order to have a cosy time in the hut.

If you are still looking for a nice hut, that is especially suited for families with kids, you will find a list and some tips here.

Whatever you might do in and around the hut – Tatonka wishes you a good stay.