Fun and Adventure: Hiking with Kids

An excursion into nature is always a great experience for kids and their parents. A walking tour should be well planned, should offer variety and of course it should be fun! TATONKA has compiled a number of tips for active family excursions – for a nature experience full of interesting discoveries.

Nature can be fun: Discover the secrets
If you want to go to the mountains or through the woods with children, this means more than just walking more slowly: if the whole family is en route, they should pack good provisions but also exciting ideas for games. Short walk phases and taking enough time can make this into a real family outing with nature discovery – streams show dam building, and on the way there are so many interesting things: The tree trunk is overgrown with moss and fungus, there is an ant heap where the ants are busy, the spring blossoms are pushing through and there is so much more.
Always in the back-pack: a huge amount of fun
In order to really enjoy their outdoor adventure, children should carry their own rucksack: TATONKA rucksacks for kids are optimal rucksacks, made especially to fit children and suitable for all their outdoor needs with space for all the things which make the excursion an exciting adventure: With magnifying glass and binoculars the children can march over the hills and through the woods as junior researchers, taking a look into the bird’s nest or inspecting insects up close. Of course a suitable picnic lunch for young adventurers must be provided with fresh fruit and a muesli bar to tank up with new energy. A sandwich with wurst or cheese is an essential part of any walking tour – and when they get thirsty, a fruit juice, water or unsweetened tea is ideal for the little adventurers.

Safe and secure en route – outdoor pleasures without worry
A nature adventure can be exciting but safety is also important and of course good health for the little ones and the big outdoor fans: Even if the spring sunshine is not so strong, sun protection is always necessary. Especially for children, a sun hat or cap is a must in order to avoid overheating. If, despite all preventive measures, one of the adventurers has got a blister or splinter or he has twisted his ankle, a First Aid Kit should always be available: Plasters and bandages for immediate aid are included in the basic TATONKA First-Aid-Set. In summer an insect repellent should be applied – and then there is nothing to stop the all-round outdoor adventure. TATONKA wishes every active participant happy and carefree outdoor pleasure!