With just a longboard and Tatonka across Peru

“What would life be without adventures? Simply boring!“, say Franky, Stephan and Thomas and take their longboards to ride across Peru - for six weeks and more than 1000 kilometers.

Facing new challenges

Over the course of your life you inevitably participate in one or the other adventure - be that the first own apartment or the first travels without your parents. But if you - like us - outpace these stages of life, it becomes more and more difficult to find new challenges that bring back those feelings of exuberant joy and freedom. Challenges that require all of your physical and mental capacities.

It is exactly such a challenge which starts now: We have decided to go to beautiful Peru for six weeks, to cover the more than 1000 kilometers distance from Lima to Arequipa - solely on our longboards. We want to become acquainted with the country and the people and of course experience new adventures. We are no top athletes with years of expertise in long-distance-longboarding, but three regular students from the Upper Palatinate countryside, who wish for an adventure.

A journey must be planned smartly

We have been engaged in the preparations for our journey for the last eight month. From a crazy idea created in our favorite pub, to the concrete wish to actually put it into practice. After purchasing the plane tickets in Mai ’15, there was no way back. During the following months we took care of the equipment procurement, ESTA applications, vaccinations and the rough planning of the route across Peru.

At this point we once again want to thank Tatonka for their support: we got three brand-new Yukon 60 backpacks, that will surely render good services for the following six weeks.

During this time we will focus on the essential things: our longboards and the Peruvian roads. We have an approximate route schedule and a date for the return flight back to Germany, but we deliberately waived a detailed timetable. There is no need for booked hotel rooms, accounted tours and run-of-the-mill tourist attractions. For us, getting to know and immerse in a foreign country is only possible devoid time pressure.

If you (dear reader) see yourself as a traveler and not a tourist and you wish to accompany us on our journey, you are welcome to:

Part 2: The longboard crew is on its way - the adventure begins

Part 3: On a longboard through Peru - the adventure continues


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