22 | April | 2013

Active for your back: Baix 10/15

Ambitious runners, cyclists and speed-hikers need fitness bars, drinks and bad-weather clothes for their extensive training sessions. Everything they need is packed in a suitable backpack. This must be lightweight, endurable and compact. Baix 10 and Baix 15 are the two new Active Backpacks from the rucksack specialist Tatonka. Fitted out with the Padded-Back carrying system, these backpacks sit comfortably and accommodate all movements.
The drink system facility guarantees quick supply of fluids during sport activities. The lightweight Air-Mesh shoulder straps provide the necessary ventilation on tours that make you perspire. The zip-fastened front pocket and the side net pockets allow quick access to important equipment. For better visibility, Baix 10/15 are fitted with reflecting elements. The sporty design and bright colors make these a real highlight on any terrain.