07 | December | 2012

All-rounders Skill 30 and Vento 25 also perform impressively in winter sports

TATONKA’s Skill 30 and Vento 25 Active Rucksacks are sporty, compact and ultra-light and yet they’re also reliable companions on movement-intensive treks in snow. And with to their handy features, there’s a place for everything you’ll need for a day’s expedition. The new X Vent Zero carrying system holds the rucksack comfortably on the back and provides good stability.
Skill 30 and Vento 25 fully exploit the benefits of the new TATONKA X Vent Zero carrying system: the almost featherlight active rucksacks (the Skill weighs in at just 0.925 kg and the Vento at 0.96 kg) are highly rated as they sit on the back in a stable position while providing outstanding ventilation, making them ideal partners for movement-intensive expeditions in particular where every gram of weight counts. 
The Skill has space for all the small and large essentials you need for an active day’s trek. To ensure there’s a place for everything, the rucksack has a detachable base compartment, a flap with fastening loops, a compartment in the flap with a key-holder and flexible mesh side pockets with an adjustable-length walking pole holder. The ergonomically shaped shoulder straps and flexible chest strap guarantee that the Skill sits and stays in a comfortable position.
The Vento 25 is likewise equipped for comfort. It has a handy compartment in the flap with a key-holder and a raincover in a hi-vis colour; the flap also has options for attaching equipment. There’s space for walking poles in the adjustable-length holder, while other smaller items can be stowed in the flexible mesh side pockets. As with the Skill 30, the rucksack volume can be compacted using the two side straps, allowing the rucksack to sit on the back with even more stability.
X Vent Zero: the carrying system for lively lightweights
The new X Vent Zero carrying system comes into its own on very active expeditions in particular, providing maximum load control and the best possible ventilation with minimal contact with the back. The X shaped arrangement of the system’s two glass fibre rods shifts the load laterally to the hips. The tensioning and slackening of the X Vent Zero is infinitely adjustable, and when the glass fibre rods are removed the system is held in place on the back by friction. By systematically reducing the materials used in this carrying system, rucksacks fitted with it become high-performance lightweights.
Skill 30 in red

Skill 30 in bamboo

Vento 25 in bamboo

Skill 30 in bright blue

Vento 25 in red

Vento 25 in black

Skill 30 in black

Vento 25 in lemon