16 | April | 2012

Comfortable all-rounder for relaxed outdoor nights

An addition to the popular tunnel tent classic models in the Alaska series: For the outdoor season 2012, TATONKA presents its new products Alaska 2 DLX, Alaska Family DLX and Alaska Family DLX ST. The Alaska tent series is made up of comfortable “all-round talents” that are especially attractive for their spaciousness combined with low weight.
Sometimes we need a little more: more space, more comfort, more storage possibilities. The TATONKA tent series Alaska has ten possible choices for you as variants of the popular tunnel tent that has always proved its worth in the most diverse outdoor uses. In this spacious tent there is room for up to six persons – and yet at only 9 kilogram weight, it is hardly noticeable for carrying.
Sleep comfort at full stretch
The popular 3-arch tunnel tents of the Alaska series with apses with side entrances are extremely spacious; there is longitudinal sleeping facility through the optimum use of available space. Alaska 2 provides overnight comfort for two outdoor enthusiasts and in Alaska 3 there is sleeping space for three persons. Alaska 2XL and Alaska 3XL are in fact designed with even more comfort such that even very tall people can enjoy a good night’s sleep. At both entrances to these four tents there are closable air vents and at the back there is a second entrance including ventilation. Mosquitoes and other annoying insects are kept outside by the mosquito window in the inner tent.
Chaos inside the tent? Not with Alaska 4
The model Alaska 4, intended for sleeping in transverse position, with its entrances at both sides enables easy access to the tent even when fully occupied. There is of course sufficient space for all your gear. Four storage pockets in the inner tent, a roof pocket and a detachable pocket in the apsis help to keep order. In Alaska 4 there is also a built-in mosquito window; the two closable vents in the outer tent provide an agreeable climate for your mobile accommodation.
Off to an expedition in the Tropics!
Alaska 3 Vent is characterized by its outstanding ventilation system, roll-up sides and thus by its excellent suitability in hot climates. Even with full ventilation, the mosquito net supplied provides reliable protection against insect bites and the watertight air vents, cover flaps and joints ensure that even tropical humidity cannot creep into your tent.    
A comfortable introduction to outdoor pleasures
The spacious tunnel tent Alaska 3 Plus has a standing height apsis and makes entering the tent quite comfortable. Alaska 3 Plus offers so much space that you can happily make use of the two wash lines that are incorporated in the inner tent. Side windows are integrated in the large, spanable front entrance that let in light and sunshine.
Alaska DLX: Tunnel tent in deluxe version
The interior of the new Alaska 2 DLX and Alaska 3 DLX is especially spacious and high and is comfortable for two or three persons. The broad front entrance makes it particularly easy to enter the tent; the rear entrance provides plenty of storage space for even large amounts of baggage.
Spacious tent as a place to withdraw to
Cozy and familiar, the Alaska Family DLX, the most spacious version in this popular series with two cabins and enough space for four or up to six persons. Baggage disappears into the central apsis and the entrance areas on both sides. Alaska Family DLX is also ideal for group tours. Weighing only 8.5 kilogram it is a little lighter but equally as spacious as TATONKA Alaska Family DLX ST. The outer tent of this lightweight all-rounder is made of top quality material nylon 6.6 Ripstop with a fivefold silicon coating on both sides. This makes the external shell particularly endurable; rain and dampness simply pearl off. Four arches span the two separate sleeping cabins and the central apsis.
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