Convenient traveling bags: Flightcase and Barrel Roller

A lot of sun lovers currently escape the cold autumn and set out for warmer regions. When traveling, you naturally want your belongings to be stowed safely. Either as a bag for your hand luggage or for your bigger luggage - you can count on the Flightcase and the Barrel traveling trolley.

The compact traveling backpack Flightcase offers 38 liters packing volume and most airlines allow it to be taken onboard. The Flightcase’s main compartment provides a lot of space for traveling utensils and is equipped with a lockable sipper. For your laptop and important documents there is a additional compartment, wich is accessible from outside. The padded Vent Comfort carrying system can be covered in just a few simple steps, so that you can use the pack as a bag. For this reason it comes with an length adjustable carrying strap with extra shoulder pads.

The Barrel Roller is suitable for a lot of luggage and comes in three different sizes and various colors. The practical roll-up case can either be pulled or carried. For this reason it also comes with a length adjustable carrying strap with extra shoulder pads as well as with additional handles on the sides. The Barrel Roller’s wide opening allows easy loading. Thanks to the strengthened bottom and the mesh pocket underneath the backpack’s lid, all your possessions can be stored safely. The materials used require little maintenance and have a high durability. Therefore it is perfectly capable of frequent traveling.