04 | June | 2012

Equipment for your paddle tour: All a matter of packing

Very often it is the little things that can be an enormous help on tour: TATONKA can help you to protect your baggage and outdoor equipment on your boat tours, keeping everything safe from water. Perfect for kayak or Canadian canoe beginners are our universal storage sacks with or without eVent.
If you would like just to “try the waters” of a lake or river, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a boat and equipment: Kayaks and Canadian canoes can be rented by the hour or for the day, or for several days. This also applies for some equipment as for tours in an open Canadian canoe the rental company will hire out watertight containers in which to store your baggage. It is important that your equipment is held firmly in place on board: In the event that your watercraft capsizes, the watertight containers don’t float away from the boat but are kept afloat. Transport of baggage in a kayak is practical: The storage sacks can be kept in the hatches, although the space here is rather limited.

Transport aids in luminous colors
For your first trip on the river or on a lake the versatile TATONKA storage sacks are ideal; made of material that is resistant to spray water, these belong to the standard equipment of many outdoor enthusiasts. For a tour in a kayak the baggage in the storages sacks should be compressed as much as possible; especially suitable here are the storage sacks made of eVent material, as the air can be squeezed out effectively. On the other hand in a Canadian canoe the sacks should be rolled so that the air is left in and if the canoe capsizes then they will float. The storage sacks can be attached to the floor of the boat with the aid of quick-release clasps.

Map cover “Mapper”: Practical and hard-wearing
For good orientation on water you need a map and this is best kept in the Mapper, the dirt and water-resistant map cover. This can be simply rolled up and stored in minimum space; in the Canadian it should be securely attached to the canoe.

Safety on the water
People who wish to keep their documents and wallet close to the body even when they are in a boat, should not simply put them in a breast pocket or trouser pocket. Better safety and a comfortable way of carrying these are provided by the WP Moneybelt, the WP Document Belt and the neck pouch from the TATONKA WP series, made of spray water-resistant material and waterproof zip fastenings.

For emergencies on the water
The First Aid Kit Basic Waterproof should always be at hand on any boating tour: The mini first aid kit in a spray water-resistant pack and with practical roll fastening is intended for one person and for use on a one-day trip. Especially for tours on water, there should be a reliable insect repellant in your First Aid Kit. If the mosquitoes have already stung, then the fleece cloth provides a cooling compress.

Equipment for your paddle tour, suitable for water
A practical item for your boating gear is the small travel towel in quick-drying material that can absorb up to ten times as much water as its weight. Quick-drying clothing is an advantage, for example, the comfortable three-quarter length Visby trousers and the short-sleeved shirt Marti. For your spare clothes that you take with you packed in the waterproof containers or protected from spray water in storage sacks we also recommend lightweight, quick-drying and uncomplicated materials such as T-Tech Weave and T-Tech Weave Light with Polygiene finish. Shoes and sandals suitable for water such as TEVA Churn and Churn Evo, Gnarkosi and many more models complete your outfit for the paddle trip.

Basic know-how for paddling a canoe
The ride in a kayak or Canadian canoe is an experience you will never forget! If you are seized with enthusiasm for gliding smoothly across the water, then you can learn and improve your paddling techniques in special courses. The main principles of paddling the Canadian canoe are summarized for you here.

Perfect gear for water sport enthusiasts
Keen kayak fans and canoeists should take equipment that is optimally suited for use on the water and sometimes also in water. In this case the storage sacks are not only protected against spray water but also completely waterproof such that if they land in the water the contents will not get wet. These storage sacks are identified by the IPX classification for various levels of protection against water. Specific suppliers of special water sports equipment can be found on the Internet and the relevant outdoor portals.
Storage sacks

Waterproof nylon bag. The roll-down closure provides optimum volume. With waterproof taped seams. Features: Waterproof protective sack; Waterproof roll-down closure; Waterproof taped seams; Five sizes


Dirt and water-repellent case for maps. Thanks to the Mapper, your maps will be protected from rain and dirt when you're on the move. Another advantage: when you're not looking for directions, the Mapper can be rolled up and stored away in your rucksack to save space.

First Aid Basic Waterproof

Minimum equipment in a waterproof case. Stocked for one person and designed for use on daytrips. The waterproof case ensures that even in snow, rain or use on the water, when canoeing for example, the material also stays dry and usable.

WP Document Belt

Functional RipStop nylon material, stitch-free workmanship and weatherproof zips. The result: extra light, extra flat, extra inconspicuous, extra splash-proof and extra pleasant on the skin.

WP Neck Pouch

Functional Pouch, extra pleasant on the skin.Intelligent storage to protect money/documents.

Travel Towel

Absorbent travel hand towel that folds up small. A travel towel made of 100 % viscose that can absorb up to ten times its own weight.

WP Moneybelt

Intelligent storage for cash, driving licence, ID card. So you don't lose anything on your travels, TATONKA offers various solutions to protect money/documents (from the eyes of others).