20 | January | 2015

Fighting data theft: TATONKA's RFID-Block line

Nowadays, RFID chips are found within most smartphones, chip cards or ID cards to simplify payment and comparison processes. They can be read within seconds - virtue and vice at the same time as this also leaves enough room for data theft. You can protect yourself from data theft with TATONKA's RFID-Block line.
RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification". Data can be transferred and read via radio frequency. An RFID reader decodes the data saved in a transponder and forwards them to a host system. The RFID chip is now integrated as a "read-only" version into many bank cards and ID cards but can basically be read when passing by. All it takes is a reader and some criminal energy to have confidential data stolen.

Certain substances such as aluminium or premium steel can provide protection by blocking radio waves. But also wallets or handbags with an implemented protective foil can protect you from data theft. Briefcases as shoulder bags, wallets, slide-in covers and neck pouches keep your data and important documents safe on tour.

In 2015, the RFID-Block line will be extended by three additional models: The Skin Chest Holster, Skin Neck Pouch and Skin Money Belt complement the line. Their equipment and fabric are similar to the same-named briefcases without the protective foil.

Additional handy helpers for keeping your data safe on tour are e.g. the Euro Wallet RFID B and the briefcase Travel Zip RFID B of the previous collection.

Skin Moneybelt Int. RFID B

Flat money and document belt with read protection. The Moneybelt is comfortable to wear under clothing - and hardly visible. The integrated Cryptalloy foil blocks radio waves, preventing passport details from being read unintentionally

Zippered pocket; Various compartments; Opens out, with Velcro fastening; Fits to ID card; Including credit card pocket; External zippered compartment for coins; Transparent window; CRYPTALLOY® - RFID scan protection

Travel Zip L RFID B

Hand loop; All-round zipper; Zip compartment on back; Organizer for memory cards; CRYPTALLOY® - RFID scan protection; Card and coin compartments; Inside with secure zipper pockets for money etc..; Large transparent pocket