02 | May | 2014

Fishing fun with TATONKA's Fischerstuhl and Petri Chair

The fishing season is about to start! For all you anglers out there, TATONKA has developed the handy Fischerstuhl and Petri Chair. They cleverly combine backpack with seating and thus are the perfect companion when fishing: resilient yet easy to transport, comfortable with a lot of stowage.
The Fischerstuhl is TATONKA's all-rounder amongst the angler's chairs. It has a firm and safe stand, also on uneven ground, thanks to its broad base; its aluminium folding frame makes it stable despite its light weight. The Fischerstuhl's main compartment as well as the net pockets provide enough stowage space for everything an angler needs and wants - especially, of course, for the big catch! The front compartment is designed by practical utility: bait, cords and hooks can be arranged neatly and handily. But of course, the Fischerstuhl also cuts a fine figure when used differently, at a pick-nick for example, as it provides stowage space for the food and servers as a chair at the same time.

For the ambitious angler the Petri Chair is the companion of choice. With its broader seating surface it has more volume than the Fischerstuhl. It is additionally equipped with a detachable front pocket, which can also be used as a bum bag. For angle tours that require more equipment, the belt strap fixations are a real asset; additional stow bags or further equipment can be attached.

 Strong Aluminium frame; Main compartment with string closure; Mesh pockets at sides; Front pocket with useful divider

Petri Chair

Carrying loop; Stable aluminium frame; Zippered pocket intergated in the lid; Main compartment with toggled string closure; Key holder; Side pockets with volume extension; Detachable hip pocket with special features for anglers, e.g. hook pad; Small insert pockets on both sides; Reflective safety stripes; Strap system to hold additional Equipment