10 | February | 2012

Functional lightness for intensive outdoor experience

TATONKA proudly presents two new rucksacks: Skill 30 and Vento 25 have the quality and robustness of our established and proven hiking rucksacks with comfortable load distribution and are now combined in a new and unique lightweight design: The revolutionary X Vent Zero carrying system provides maximum carrying comfort even with a full load.
X Vent Zero: Revolutionary Carrying System

When every gram of weight of your gear means the difference between a burden or support, then these two hiking rucksacks Skill 30 and Vento 25 are ideal for your tours. The innovative carrying system X Vent Zero revolutionizes the trend for functional outdoor equipment with less and less weight. X Vent Zero with its two x-form fiberglass rods sits perfectly with minimum contact to your back and thus ensures the best possible ventilation – thanks to its innovative, ultra-light materials the rucksack is hardly felt yet at the same time gives a comfortable fit and easy load control.

Video tip: TATONKA Product Developer and Designer Istvan Ladanyi explains the creation of the new X Vent Zero carrying system and describes the lightweight rucksack Skill 30

At a mere 925 gram the new front-loader Skill 30 is a genuine lightweight. The benefits are obvious, especially for tours with plenty of movement and activity. The bottom section can be removed, the top has loops for holding other materials in place and the top compartment with key holders ensures that there is a place for all important items. The top-loader Vento 25 also has a spacious main section and at only 960 grams you hardly feel the weight. This too, is a great support on active tours thanks to its minimum direct contact with your back and at the same time with outstanding load distribution. 

Skill 30 and Vento 25 are made of the ultra-light material T-Rip-Light that thanks to its innovative PU/silicone finish is even more tear-resistant and more robust than heavier materials. More information about the materials used to make TATONKA products can be found here