Tatonka Outdoor Apparel Fall/Winter 2018

Get ready for fall with the latest outdoor apparel from Tatonka!

Our stylish outdoor outfits make you wish for colder weather! Whether a cool flannel shirt, warm fleece jacket, stylish short coat, or sporty winter jacket, our apparel collection for fall and winter will inspire you!

The new must-haves for fall? The checkered flannel shirt Levje W’s Shirt and Levje M’s Shirt made of 100% natural fibers! Thanks to an innovative mix of cotton, Tencel, and kapok, the fabric is very comfortable, provides excellent temperature regulation, and offers very good moisture absorption.

On cold days, the cozy fleece jacket Torance M’s Jacket will keep you warm with its wool blend. And the ladies will be snuggled in the casual Enoc W’s Cardigan with it stylish cascade collar.

For all around weather protection and cozy warmth, we offer our stylish short coat Ethie W’s Coat and the sporty winter coat Leno M’s Jacket. Both are water-resistant and breathable, and feature a padded lining to make them absolutely insulated against winter's chill. Of course, they are PFC free as well.
Curious to see more? You can find our complete apparel collection for men and women here.
The outdoor apparel from Tatonka is manufactured under fair conditions in our own factories. Learn more.