24 | October | 2011

Mastering outdoor challenges in all weathers

Outdoor activities in the cool season of the year also have their own particular attraction: The clear cold air stimulates body and soul. Functional clothing and lightweight activity rucksacks guarantee easygoing freedom of movement. Comfort is important in autumn and winter; at TATONKA this goes hand in hand with well-designed functionality.
The clothes to see you through the cold months should be lightweight and functional; they should keep you warm and dry and allow you the greatest freedom of movement, at the same time offering you the protection of top quality, robust materials. With the Coban Jacket and Islington Pants TATONKA provides highly functional clothing for your tours: The waterproof and breathable three-layer jacket Coban Jacket protects you with its adjustable hood, snow guard and raised chin section with soft chin protection from cold and rain. The outdoor trousers Islington Pants provide additional protection against the weather: made of top-quality three-layer material with Dermizax membrane, they are highly functional, waterproof and let skin breathe.

What you have to carry with you is a major consideration especially on intensive movement tours: With 30 liter capacity, the one-compartment rucksack Alpine Ridge provides all the space you need for everything needed for your tour without adding to the weight. If you want something even more compact, then why not chose Pacy 35 EXP, the Alpine rucksack in the new EXPedition series from TATONKA. Here dynamic design fulfills the highest expectations. The padded back-carry system renders valuable service, especially in Alpine use. The ergonomic formed aluminium ridge for your back and the removable hip belt provide the necessary stability.
Alpine Ridge

This efficient one-compartment rucksack delivers its full potential in Alpine use. Perfect fit and optimum freedom of movement are guaranteed. Side compression and load adjustment straps enable excellent load control. Alpine Ridge also offers numerous possibilities for holding in place and is perfect for all-year-round Alpine use.

Pacy 35 EXP

Practical details make this highly functional Alpine rucksack indispensable for Alpine tours. Pacy 35 EXP is extremely robust, can be individually fitted thanks to its ergonomic form aluminium back ridge and padded back-carry system and at the same time is convincing in its striking design.

Coban Jacket / Islington Pants

Highly functional outdoor apparel for ambitious free nature tours: The waterproof and highly breathable three-layer Coban Jacket and outdoor Islington Pants guarantee freedom of movement and protect the wearer from cold and wet. Both items of clothing are from the expanded EXPedition clothing series.