Now certified: Tatonka’s RFID blocking products

The wallets, sleeves and folders of the Tatonka RFID blocking series offer 100% data protection from radio-based reading devices. The incorporated Cryptalloyfoil shields those products from any commercially used radio waves. Now the manufacturer of this film, the company Kryptonic Technologiesin Munich, confirms the required processing of the foil in all of Tatonkas RFID products.

Tatonka’s RFID blocking series was once again confirmed by certificates of the manufacturer and should therefore be the first choice for the safe storing of identity documents and cards in RFID blocking sleeves and folders.

With the “Cryptalloy” foil Tatonka uses a film that offers maximum shielding against relevant frequencies (from 100 kHz to 4 GHz; this means low, high and ultrahigh frequency range) and due to a frequency shift disturbs any radio communication. This was tested and certified by the TÜV Saarland.

As the manufacturer “Kryptonic Technologies” has confirmed the required processing of the foil in all of Tatonka’s RIFD products, the finished products actually provide maximum protection against all frequencies.

Unlike other providers Tatonka explicitly includes the relevant low frequency range (100/ 125/ 134 kHz) for shielding, since it is the most common frequency for data theft.

Even the online magazine “soq” dedicated an article to the subject of data theft via RFID and the Tatonka shielding products.

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