08 | April | 2015

Outdoor accessories: Your handy helpers to go

When you are on a tour, you only have very limited space for your stuff - this is when creativity kicks in during packing. TATONKA's outdoor accessories help you organise your things in your backpack and stow them safely.
Your outdoor bathroom to go

Well, you actually won't need a whole bathroom for a tour - as long as you manage to bring all the necessary care products in a small wash bag. Mini Travelcare ) - our smallest wash bag, fits in any backpack. It is foldable and can be hung anywhere using its hook. This way, you have quick access to your things and everything is well organised. Briefly check yourself in the detachable, unbreakable mirror and you are ready for your outdoor day!

We offer our wash bag in four further sizes for longer tours or a bigger collection of care products. There are also some models available in different designs.

Compact protection for your luggage

If you end up with more luggage and you still don't want chaos to rule your backpack, TATONKA's volume-adjusting storage bags will help. These colourful lightweights will protect your luggage perfectly from the wet thanks to their taped seams and the water-proof material T-Cover Tex. They also help to minimise the volume of your luggage by reducing its height using the handy roll closure. They are available in 5 sizes and colours.

For all those of you who want to compress their luggage but are not within reach of water, we recommend the handy Round Bags. They are available in 6 sizes and colours.

The Tight Bags can be compressed as well and provide you with enough space for clothes or sleeping bags in the smallest space. Available in 3 sizes.

Smaller things can be stowed away in the handy Flat Bags.

Padded back; Handle; Large zippered pocket; Mesh pocket with zipper; Flat insert pocket; Detachable unbreakable mirror; Rotating hanging hook

Stausack 'M'

Volume adjustment; Waterproof, taped seams; Roll closure

Rundbeutel 'XXS'

Six sizes; String with cord lock

Tight Bag 'M'

Three sizes; Minimal weight; Minimal packing size; Two continuous adjustable compression straps with side release buckles;

Flachbeutel Set

Three sizes; String with cord lock