02 | April | 2013

Outdoor cooking gear: a question of taste

Taste preferences are of course a matter for the individual. When on tour, however, there are certain compromises to be made. Nutritional value food, long-life and varied, with quick cooking times and no unnecessary weight. There are also high demands on the cooking equipment. We recommend top quality equipment in stainless steel: Light, robust and absolute neutral taste.
When on tour quality is important – whether for walking shoes or clothing or in respect of rucksack and tent. Maybe you think that “cooking equipment” is not so important but when you are “outside civilization” then these quickly become important factors. At the end of a strenuous day in nature a warm meal can be relaxing and regenerative. Energy reserves are tanked and it gives power for the next day.
For a long time aluminium and titanium were regarded as the best materials for cooking gear but stainless steel has proved itself worthy to be in first place: It is robust, non-corroding, anti-bacterial, tasteless and easy to clean. TATONKA uses the best quality SS 304 – and for all your tours we can provide the very best items. Mugs, plates, bowls, pots & pans for perfect catering. Many of these products can be staple-fitted such that the pack volume is very low. 

TATONKA-Mugs: Classic stainless steel beakers for outside and inside use
The beakers Mug and Mug S are lightweight, robust and are absolute TATONKA classics. Expedition Mug is stackable and has a removable handle. Handle Mug is ideal for the mobile kitchen as it has a folding handle and also a measure scale. The mugs are made in 18/8 stainless steel.

Practical “Pick-me-up”: Super design thermo beaker for your morning coffee
The stainless steel beakers Thermo 250 and Thermo 350 have a folding handle and a lid. The contents remain hot but the outer surface of the beaker stays pleasantly cool. The lid also provides insulation – your breakfast may easily take longer. Without folding handle but still with excellent insulation are the beakers Thermo Delux 300 and Thermo Delux 400. Simple form is the design beaker Thermo Plus, with 375 ml capacity. 

Coffee and tea en route
In three sizes (1.0 liter, 1.5 liter and 2.5 Liter), our kettle “Teapot” is en route. It is robust and thanks to the compact measurements can be easily carried in a rucksack. It incorporates a tea sieve in stainless steel. Fans of freshly brewed coffee do not have to go without this hot enjoyment en route as this small, compact and lightweight coffee filter is easily packed in the backpack. Hot water is provided by the space-saving kettle H2O Pot. 

Refreshments en route
The stainless steel drinking bottle “Stainless Bottle” is available in three sizes: 0.30.5 and 1.0 liter. It is food safe and resistant to fruit acids. If you have no space in your rucksack or even in the outside pockets, then okay, no problem – you can just clip this to your baggage using a carabiner snap fastening. 

Warm drinks for new energy
When taking a short break, a cup of hot tea or coffee can be a real benefit. On hot days a cold fruit and mineral water drink is the non-plus-ultra. Hot drinks should be hot and cold drinks should be cold – we know this of course at TATONKA and so we offer our flask - Hot and Cold Stuff. It is available in sizes 0.35, 0.450.75 and 1.0 liter and made of absolutely unbreakable, rust-free stainless steel.

A celebration meal in natural surroundings: fine plates for cooking and eating
We have large and small plates for large and small hunger – but this is just one of many possible uses. Our plates are not only used for eating but they can also be used to prepare meals directly over open flame or fire. Tasty soups or stews are best served in the flat soup plate – or in the TATONKA stainless steel bowl. Thermo Bowl is convincing in its good insulating properties. TATONKA Bowl with Grip, with a practical hold, is ideal to handle not only soups and stews but also muesli or even for direct preparation. Another practical travel accessory is the Deep Bowl with an extra broad edge. 

Space-saving all-round equipment: TATONKA Cook Sets
A complete cook set for minimum space – the Camp Set, available as “regular” or “large”. Pot, pan and bowl can all be fitted together for carrying. 

“Cookset” Regular comprises two pots (0.9 liter and 1.3 liter) and a pan with fold-up handle. 

If you want more – even more practical and extensive – then try our Picnic Set comprising a pot, a pan with lid, two plates, a board and two cups with spoons. The complete set is easily carried in a transport backpack and takes up minimum space, weighing just 690 gram. Total measurements of 16.5 x 13 cm make this a real space-saving miracle. 

A spirit burner is the heart of the Multi-Set: When filled it can burn for up to 40 minutes. Two pots, a grip and a holding frame are included in the set – the ground is immediately converted to a mobile kitchen. 

If there are many hungry mouths to feed or you want a little variety, even when out in the open, then the Family Cook Set is ideal for you. This set comprises three pots and a frying pan, all made of superior stainless steel. The big pasta pot Family Pot is also available separately: It has a capacity of 6.0 liters and is ideal for cooking pasta also for large numbers of people.

A real all-round talent for outdoor cooking is our Pan Multi Set, a variable all-purpose pan without a long handle that can be taken from the fire using the gripper. 

The Small Pot Multi Set and the Large Pot Multi Set can both be used for cooking and eating. Tasty one-pot meals, pasta meals and many other warm meals can be prepared in the practical TATONKA saucepans. 

The Sherpa Pot is a well-conceived design in stainless steel with 0.6 or 1.0 liter capacity. The clever grip design of the pot is hinged and serves as top closure and holding device. 

The Kettle cook set is available in four sizes (1.0, 1.62.5 and 4.0 liter) and comprises a saucepan and a frying pan, which at the same time serves as a lid or can be used as a plate. In the food container (0.75 liter capacity), food can be stored safely – the lid is sealed and everything is airtight.  
For a hot meal outdoors then of course you need a proper fire but you can’t always cook over a classic campfire and you don’t always want to. TATONKA has therefore given special attention to the high quality features of its “mobile hearth”: The alcohol burner is small, compact and burns for up to 40 minutes. It is simple to use and light to carry at less than 100 grams. The height of the flame is gradually adjustable with the Flame Adjuster and of course can be easily extinguished. The stainless steel Stand Alcohol Burner provides a safe base for the alcohol burner even on uneven ground. This comprises 4 parts that can be quickly assembled or dismantled. A safe grip without burning your fingers is guaranteed by the Pot Gripper, with which pots and pans can be lifted from the fire.


Mug 'S'

Expedition Mug

Handle Mug 500

Thermo 250

Thermo 350

Thermo Plus

Teapot 1,0 Liter

Teapot 1,5 Liter

Tea Pot 2,5 l

H2O Pot 1,0l

Camp Set Regular

Camp Set Large

Cookset Regular

Picnic Set

Multi Set + A. Burner

Family Cook Set 'L'

Pan Multi Set

Small Pot Multi Set

Large Pot Multi Set

Alcohol Burner

Flame Adjuster

Stand Alcohol Burner

Pot Gripper