Palmy camping joys with the family tent Family Camp

Finally the time has come: The outdoor season starts and with it, the time for camping holidays and family excursions. Everyone who is looking for a reliable companion for the nights outdoors and at the same time does not what to forego a certain level of comfort will be enthused by Tatonka family tunnel tent Family Camp. This spacious all-round tent comfortably accommodates either three adults, or two adults and two children, as well as their luggage. So there is nothing in the way of relaxing and recreative camping joys.

If you are looking for a high-quality tent for your upcoming outdoor excursions with the family, you will make a find here. You can enter the spacious Family Camp through two opposite entrances and comfortably stand upright in the two meters high apsis (which means the tent-anteroom that is separated from the sleeping cabin). Due to its generously measured sleeping cabin this tunnel tent is not only ideally suited for families but also camping trips with friends. In case you need additional sleeping space, you can create further sleeping places for one adult or two little kids by means of a special tent extension. For that reason you simply have to mount the separate inner tent Family Camp Extension into the large-scale vestibule.

Additional sun protection for hot days

The apsis entrance on the side can be set up as a sun-canopy with the help of additional poles. Especially during midsummer this ensures further comfort and coziness. Even the greatest heat can be handled far better in the shadow of the tent and you can meanwhile enjoy the surrounding nature.

Durable family tent made of high-quality materials

Manufacturing this ‘space miracle’ Tatonka exclusively uses high-quality and robust materials, which are featured by lightness and longevity. The permanently waterproof outer tent is made of fourfold PU-coated polyester that withstands every weather condition. Family Camp’s ground is made of PU-coated nylon and even exhibits a water column of 10.000 millimeters, while the inner tent, which is made of breathable nylon fabric, ensures fresh air. For that reason, there is no need to be afraid of moisture or sticky tent-air.

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Stable and build up easily

The building of this stable family tent is as easy as a pie: You start with the outer tent and set it up with the help of three flexible and simultaneously break-proof aluminum poles. Afterwards, you fasten it. Finally you can mount the inner tent into the fixated outer tent and there you go. If you like to safe time, you can build up the inner and outer tent at the same time. Due to the size of the tent, this might need a little exercise.

We provide assembly instructions for all of our tunnel tents that help you becoming a building pro. Furthermore we have collected useful information on the correct handling of our tents, to make sure that you are perfectly prepared for your upcoming camping excursions:


Focus on details

The entrances and the tent’s fend face are equipped with windows that ensure enough light. If needed, they can be covered, while a third entrance on the front constitutes an ideal possibly for ventilation. At night, the reflectors on the guy lines turn out to be very practical, to avoid the notorious problem of stumbling over the lines.

The tunnel tent becomes an optimum companion for carefree outdoor activities due to comfortable details, like a clothesline or practical pockets, which care for tidiness in the inner tent.

It is best to examine the family tent in real life - to test it and make yourself sure of its spaciousness and quality. Our dealer function helps you finding a retailer nearby, who can provide further tips and tricks. 

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