18 | January | 2012

Practical trekking equipment: Small aids for big tours

Compact equipment is the be all and end all for extensive trekking tours where every gram of weight is important: TATONKA supports your Expedition Life with versatile accessories – starting with the various sacks for storage and protection which make it easier for you to pack your rucksack and enable you quick access even to small equipment parts.
Trekking rucksacks can be made suitable for travel and plane journeys despite carrying straps, belts and securing straps with the Luggage-Cover XL, which safely and compactly covers the whole of the rucksack together with its carrying system. A similar service is also performed by the protective sack Universal that ensures that the straps do not get hooked into the luggage conveyers at the airport.

For order in the rucksack we have a selection of storage sacks in various sizes which compress and hold together the contents by means of the practical roll fastener. They are available in different sizes, colors and styles – with or without eVent-membrane – and can be used reliably for many different purposes. Also in a range of sizes are the TATONKA Flat Bags. At the end of the journey, shoes have room in the Shoe Bag – trekking boots up to size 48 are stored in the Trekking Shoe Bag with an extra large zip fastener for easy packing and unpacking or cleaning.
Orientation in foreign terrains is especially convenient with the TATONKA Mapper: Wind and rain do not present any problems for this dirt-resistant and water-resistant cover for your maps. When you are not using the map, then it simply rolls up in the Mapper for space-saving storage.

At the end of the day: Where to put your boots?

At the end of an eventful day your boots have probably suffered too, becoming dusty, wet or dirty. In this case they cannot simply be put back into your rucksack or travel bag – and anyway, after a strenuous day, your shoes also want to be treated well. They should at least be cleaned and allowed to dry.

Roll-up map cover with tri-glide clasp. Water and dirt-resistant, it is a reliable accessory for an outdoor tour even in wind and rain.

Luggage Cover

The cover for your trekking rucksack that protects and compresses – the safest and most comfortable way to get your outdoor equipment problem-free and undamaged to the place you want to use it.

Flat Bag

These create order in your rucksack and help you to keep track of everything at a glance, including even the smallest equipment parts.

Shoe Bag & Trekking Shoe Bag

Dirt-resistant shoe bag with carrying strap.

Protective Sack Universal

Practical, versatile protective sack with roll-pack fastener, for many uses, not only for trekking rucksacks.