21 | August | 2014

Small but capable: TATONKA's handy tour companions

Every gram counts when going on a tour or a hike. All the better when you know how to help yourself using small and handy utensils. The H&C Stuff insulated bottle keeps the beverages' temperatures steady and the space-saving storage bags help you keep your luggage in order.
If you end up with more luggage and you still don't want chaos to rule your backpack, TATONKA's volume-adjusting storage bags will help. These colourful lightweights will protect your luggage perfectly from the wet thanks to their taped seams and the water-proof material T-Cover Tex. They also help to minimise the volume of your luggage by reducing its height using the handy roll closure. They are available in 5 sizes and colours.

The eVent storage bag is the most space-saving version as redundant air is simply pressed out via the breathable eVent®-base. With its ultra-light yet tear-proof T-Rip Light material, it's perfect for heavy luggage. The 3-layered eVent 3L material is extremely water-repellent so that even during drenching rain you won't have to worry about your luggage. You can stow away safely up to 30 litres in this storage bag - available in three different sizes and colours.

With the unbreakable H&C Stuff insulated bottle made of stainless steel you won't have to go on tour without cold or hot drinks. The stainless steel is easy to clean and optimally suitable for the outdoor cookery thanks to its longevity. It is available in 4 sizes ranging from 0.35 litres to 1 litre. After a sip of some nice hot tea or a refreshing soft drink you're good to go!

Volume adjustment; Breathable eVent® base; Waterproof roll-up closure; Waterproof protection bag; Taped seams

H&C Stuff 1,0l

Unbreakable insulated bottle made of stainless steel available in 4 sizes. These insulated bottles keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold - and are unbreakable.