09 | January | 2013

Smart protection from data theft: TATONKA products with RFID Block

Are my data really protected? The latest radio engineering nowadays makes data theft so easy and so TATONKA has conceived and designed products with RFID Block. They are inconspicuous, practical and comfortable – and thanks to integrated metal-finish fabrics, provide protection from reading off of credit cards etc. The products are already available in retail stores.

What is RFID? Are my data safe? How can I protect myself? – The most important facts on the subject of data safety are summarized here for you in this article.

At the beginning of 2013 TATONKA presents practical travel accessories equipped with read-off protection, the so-called RFID Block. The products are now available in the retail stores.

Handy and practical in everyday use is the small Velcro fastened wallet Money Box RFID B. Larger capacity is offered by the fold-out Euro Wallet RFID C with numerous compartments and thus plenty of space for bank notes, business cards or credit cards. Small change is kept in a separate section with a zip fastener.

The lockable bag Hang Loose RFID B can be worn on a belt or also carried as a shoulder bag or money pouch.

With the folder RFID B one has a top-quality wallet in the hand. Folder RFID B is fitted with diverse push-in sections and transparent panels providing a good overview of contents.

Ideal for travel documents is the Check In RFID B that can be carried over the shoulder or attached to a belt. It has a large main compartment accessible via two zip fasteners. There is enough space for all your travel documents in the Check In RFID B. Small items can be carried in the zipped pockets on and under the top flap.

Fold-out wallet with lots of compartments and integrated read protection. The Euro Wallet has plenty of room for notes, business cards and credit cards. And of course there is also a separate zip compartment for small change.