Takeaway First Aid

Even though accidents only rarely happen, it is always important to prepare yourself before a hike or an outdoor tour - just to be safe in case of an emergency. TATONKA's first-aid kits First Aid Compact and First Aid Complete provide you with the most important utensils for first care of smaller or bigger injuries.

It happens quickly: blisters, abrasive burns or even a sprained ankle. Of course, no one would wish for such an accident but this can happen even to experienced outdoor enthusiasts. In cases like these, it is important to have a first-aid kit with you. TATONKA's first-aid kits were developed in cooperation with the Outdoorschule Süd (LINK: www.outdoorschule-sued.de), the biggest provider of outdoor emergency management within the German-speaking area. The TATONKA First Aid Compact is especially suited for smaller tours of one to three days and for one or two persons. If you plan a bigger tour or if you travel with up to four people, make sure to pack the TATONKA First Aid Complete Set.

Both kits provide you with first-aid equipment depending on the length of your tour or the people taking part in it. All you have to do is maybe add some useful or personal drugs to it. They contain amongst other things wound plasters, compresses, alcohol swabs, rescue blankets and triangular bandages. Experts at the Outdoorschule Süd selected each product based on its usefulness in a medical emergency. Above all, highest quality was a key criterion. They even prepared a first-aid outdoor set of instruction for you to stay on top of things. The utensils are packed in handy bags with handles and zippers. The bags are simply flipped open and they are provided with transparent insert compartments which make it easy to take out the materials without having to search for them and thus being available immediately in case of an emergency.

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