29 | May | 2013

TATONKA: Outdoor quality with the finest details

On longer tours it is often the smallest aids which provide the most useful help: How best to keep order in my rucksack? How best to store my equipment to save space but at the same time with easy access? What happens if there is an unexpected downpour en route? Practical help is provided by Tatonka storage sacks.
TATONKA storage sack is available in five practical sizes and various colors, a waterproof nylon bag with roll fastening for optimum volume. The seams are waterproof with finishing tape.

Thanks to its practical roll fastening design the waterproof storage sack eVent is a real space saver – excess air can be squeezed out through the breathable eVent bottom. The taped seams and the roll fastening also contribute to keeping the contents safe from water. Available in three sizes and colors.

Stausack 'XS'

Stausack 'S'

Stausack 'M'

Stausack 'L'

Stausack 'XL'