21 | June | 2012

TATONKA rucksacks for Children: Outdoor experts in a smaller size

Children have their own needs, also when on tour: Different types of trails, regular breaks – and of course all the gear should be suitable for children. TATONKA makes rucksacks that are not simply mini-versions of the “grown-up” ones but perfectly adapted to suit a child’s anatomy and their preferences. With Tivanino, Mowgli and Baloo – the adventure can begin!
For outdoor equipment for children, TATONKA places great value on safety: All our children’s rucksacks are therefore fitted with conspicuous safety strips and reflectors; the bright yellow rain covers with reflecting logos ensure even more visibility in bad weather conditions.
Just as important as safety is also an optimum fit of the rucksack: Children should not be restricted in their movements and the rucksack should not be too much of a load for the back. TATONKA has different models of rucksacks to suit every age, every size and every purpose. The young generation of ramblers can take the sporty hiking rucksack Tivanino with them on tour. This has been designed especially for children between six to twelve years of age and is fitted with the proven X Vent carrying system that ensures a firm and comfortable fit, excellent air circulation and ideal load distribution. Additional support is provided by the chest strap; the comfortable shoulder straps are ideally fitted to suit a child’s body. There is space for camera, lunchbox and all other small necessities in the zip-fastened pleated pockets at the sides.
With the trekking rucksacks Mowgli and Baloo, children will master even longer distances: Mowgli is suitable for outdoor fans from the age of six; Baloo goes on tour with kids from the age of ten. Both rucksacks are fitted with a top quality padded back carrying system and are optimally adjusted to fit the child’s body by means of straps and clasps of an appropriate size. The chest strap holds the rucksack comfortably in place and additional stability is also provided by the hip belt. The well conceived details are definitely not inferior to the models for grown-ups: There is space for a bottle of water in the net side pockets and the walking stick holder is a practical aid on longer tours. Neon yellow appliqués and reflecting strips provide additional safety. 
Tivanino in "bamboo"

Mowgli in "red"

Baloo in "bright blue"