19 | December | 2012

TATONKA Skin: Safety on your travels

When traveling but also in daily life, safety is an important factor: After all, you want to concentrate on the nice things of life and don’t want to be constantly checking on your bags and baggage. For this reason, TATONKA has developed its Skin Series, which enables you to carry your documents, cards and money concealed on your body.
All products of the Skin Series are made of materials which are particularly kind to the skin and are pleasant to wear.

Skin ID Pocket

Discreet money bag. With a compartment for your most important documents and a zip-up compartment for your small change.

Skin Folded Neck Pouch

Bag that can be reliably worn around the neck or over the shoulder. Whether hung around your neck or folded into a compact bag: Skin Folded Neck Pouch is very reliable. And thanks to the skin-friendly material, it is also pleasant against the skin.

Skin Document Belt

The safe and discreet place to keep your documents and money. With the skin-friendly material and extremely flat form, the Moneybelt and Document Belt can be worn under clothing and directly on the skin without any problems. Not only comfortable, but also safe.

Skin Document Belt 'L'

The semi-invisible storage compartment for your documents. Because of the skin-friendly material and the extremely slim form, the document belt easily fits underneath your clothes and directly on your skin. It is not only comfortable, but also, more importantly, secure. Can be purchased in two sizes.

Skin Moneybelt

Ultra flat and inconspicuous money and document belt. With two closable pockets for everything that needs to be close at hand.

Skin Moneybelt Int.

The safe storage place for money while travelling. The Moneybelt is comfortable to wear and is practically invisible when worn underneath clothing. This is ensured by the skin-friendly material and the extremely flat form.

Skin Secret Pocket

Discreet leg pocket. The Skin Secret Pocket can be attached to the calf with two straps and worn invisibly underneath the trousers. There is plenty of space for money and documents in the two zip-up compartments.

Skin Wrist Wallet

Wrist band with zip pocket. Or the wallet for the wrist. Easy to strap on with Velcro fastening and, like all products from the Skin collection, it is pleasant to wear against the skin.

Skin Neck Pouch

Small, lightweight neck pouch. The neck pouch is made of skin-friendly material and is comfortably worn around the neck. The length of the strap can be adjusted and has skin-friendly neck or shoulder support. The zip-up compartment and outer pocket offer sufficient space for money, credit cards and passport.

Skin Chest Holster

Holster-style safety pouch. The Skin Chest Holster is worn like a gun holster. This means that it can be safely carried close to the body. With its two attachment straps, it is twice as safe and thanks to the two zip-up compartments also extremely functional.

Skin Waist Pouch

The safe place to keep money and documents. Just tighten the belt and you can keep your cash and documents well protected against your body.