15 | September | 2012

Trekking made easy: Jaca 36, Leon 38 and Leon Plus

It doesn’t always have to be a long tour of several days as even a weekend tour can be undertaken and offers a little diversity to daily life. The requirements for materials remain the same: Even on short tours, you walk for numerous kilometers with a rucksack on your back. Light weight in combination with robustness: 2 essential features. Tatonka knows all about these requirements and all the answers are provided with its trekking rucksacks Jaca 36, Leon 38 and Leon Plus.

Lightweight and comfortable – the trekking rucksacks Jaca 36Leon 38 and Leon Plus from Tatonka. The comfortable lightweight is guaranteed by the T-Rip light material and X Light Vario carrying system. With the low-weight, X-form crossed glass fiber rods, the load to be carried is evenly distributed efficiently across the shoulders and the ergonomic hip belt. In addition, a GFK cross-rod guarantees stability at the sides. In order to avoid any sliding right from the beginning, the three-part hip belt is attached at the center of the loin pads. Two comfortable, hip supports with several padded layers enable extremely agreeable carrying comfort. A perfect fit is ensured by the concave form of the back padding. The shoulder straps can be adjusted quickly and easily to fit individual requirements according to the individual back length.

Jaca 36 and Leon 38 now have many improved functions compared to the preceding models: improved front flap, low weight through the use of T-Rip Light more lightweight hip belt. The Leon Plus as the 45 liter model has an extended back section. Further equipping features of all models: Access to the main compartment is from the front and all models have practical walking stick holders and a rain cape. What more could one want? Tatonka has all the right trekking gear for you.

Jaca 36 in bright blue

Jaca 36 in bamboo

Leon Plus in bright blue

Leon 38 in bright blue

Leon 38 in black

Leon Plus in carbon

Jaca 36 in red