The touring backpack for mountain lodge tours

Up to the mountains with the Tatonka Kings Peak!

Summer in the mountains is a thing of pure beauty – so let’s go hiking! For your next lodge-to-lodge tour we recommend the lightweight Kings Peak touring backpack. It’s equipped with a ventilated carrying system so you won’t sweat too quickly even on the most strenuous of passes.

Lodge tours and multi-day hikes are where the Kings Peak really shines. With its ventilated carrying system it’s satisfying and comfortable to wear, and because the rear panel length can be adjusted, you benefit from being able to distribute weight through the hip belt.
The right backpack for a relaxed tour.

It’s all in the setup: the X Vent Zero Plus carrying system

A relatively large backpack like the Kings Peak can still be worn comfortably because you don’t bear all the weight on your shoulders. To make that happen, the hip belt needs to be correctly positioned, centered just above your hip bones. That transfers a portion of the load to your pelvis region and considerably relieves the pressure on your upper back.
Of course, not every back is the same length. That’s why the Kings Peak has an adjustable rear panel. We show you here how to customize the back length:

Step 1: Find the correct position for the length of your back.
Step 2: Remove the loops from the rungs of the ladder system that the top of the shoulder straps are loose.
How to adjust the carrying system of the Tatonka Kings Peak touring backpack.

Step 3: Thread the bottom and top Velcro flaps two ladder slats apart.
How to adjust the carrying system of the Tatonka Kings Peak touring backpack.

Step 4: Now attach the two flaps on the middle section, the top one first and then the bottom one.
How to adjust the carrying system of the Tatonka Kings Peak touring backpack.

Step 5: Put the loaded rucksack on your back. Close the hip strap first and tighten it, then the shoulder straps.

Step 6:  Check that the rucksack is on properly – the hip strap should be centred over the hip bones, the contact point of the shoulder straps on the seventh neck vertebra. If not, then thread the shoulder straps higher up or further down on the ladder.

Fitting women's backpack

For women we offer the Kings Peak Women, equipped with shoulder straps designed for the female form.

Hydration system-compatible, walking pole straps and a rain cover

The Kings Peak organizes everything for you on tour. The main and lower compartments are divided and it has a front pocket, two side pockets and walking pole straps. On top of that, it is hydration system-compatible and comes with a rain cover.