03 | September | 2012

Your ideal gear on hiking tours (not only) in autumn

For those who choose a more relaxed hiking tour in easy terrain the first choice should be a compact, lightweight rucksack. TATONKA presents its sporty hiking rucksacks Karema 18 and Farou 25 as two uncomplicated touring rucksacks with optimum ventilation and freedom of movement thanks to the X Vent Vario-Carrying System.
The men’s rucksack Farou 25 and the ladies’ model Karema 18 are designed in brilliant colors as a highlight not only on the next autumn hiking tour. Maximum freedom of movement and carrying comfort are ensured by the form of the rucksack that narrows at the bottom together with the X Vent Vario-Carrying System with padded shoulder straps and a comfortable yet firmly-seated hip belt. With two zip fasteners on the side pockets with extra volume folds, Karema and Farou provide optimal use of available space. The main section of the rucksack has an additional pocket and fitted drink holder.
The top flap section is extremely practical with key holder and a signal color rain cape. Hiking sticks or other materials can be attached to the rucksack. Even better ventilation is provided by the openings on the bellowed side pockets. The thermo-fused zip fastener on the top compartment provides reliable protection from rain penetration; for important utensils such as the route map, there is a deep pocket at the front made of elastic Kelas material as the ideal place to keep such items. 
Farou in bright blue / warm grey

Farou in kauri / warm grey

Karema in bright blue / ash grey

Karema in lemon / ash grey

Karema in blossom / ash grey