Adventure at the wayside: How children discover nature

Plodding on regardless – up to the next summit, maybe this takes another hour or maybe it seems like forever? For kids a rambling tour can be really boring, just like a car journey lasting several days. For our next generation of outdoor enthusiasts we want to provide inspiration and motivation and for this we need good planning and ideas.
When children are on a tour it is simply not enough to just take easier or shorter distances or to walk more slowly: Exciting game ideas and a super picnic should definitely be part of the plan. Short rambling stages, enough breaks and a non-hectic time schedule all contribute to enjoyment of a great nature experience for all the family. When, for example, there are all sorts of things to discover along the wayside, then even the youngest outdoor wanderers can have fun in discovering nature. 

Suitable for kids and easy: Successful tour planning
The tour distance, in terms of length and difficulty should of course be suited to the physical fitness level of the child; age can be an important factor to consider. In diverse terrains, safety also plays a major role: The adults should have the tour under control and be aware in good time of any potential dangers or risks of certain stretches. It is often enough just to take the child by the hand at such difficult places. If there are longer risky or even dangerous sections, then the child should be secured with a hip and breast belt together with a rope of about ten meters in length. In principle, known dangers such as stone falling or similar situations where the child could be afraid should be avoided. 

The choice of the right rucksack can play an important part in enjoyment or frustration
Depending on age, height and stature, children can carry different weight loads. These should, however, not be more than about seven kilos. TATONKA, in the manufacture of its outdoor rucksacks for kids, sets the requirement that the carrying system is adjusted exactly to the child’s anatomy. Especially during this growth phase, a wrong construction can strain the back and lead over the long term to damage in posture. TATONKA rucksacks sit securely to the body and distribute the weight evenly across the back; soft padded shoulder straps also provide additional carrying comfort. As well as the basic design and fitting out of the models with reflecting elements, practical handling is important: stable clasps on the rucksacks can be opened easily by even the youngest children. All zip fastenings and pockets are easily accessible and particularly free-moving. The bright colors bring a shine to children’s eyes – and a “Tatonki” mascot is a special extra present in all the junior models such as Mowgli, Alpine JuniorAlpine Kid and Waldy.

Click here for further tips on what to look for when choosing a suitable rucksack.

Effective sun protection for carefree outdoor pleasure
Despite all excitement and exuberance, the child’s safety always has priority: Sun protection is essential. As well as the application of sun protection lotions with a minimum sun protection factor of 30, clothing can also protect from sunburn or sunstroke. A cap with a large visor should always be worn on the head or even better, a broad-rimmed sun hat. Airy clothes with long sleeves and legs also protect sensitive young skin from too much sunshine. Further tips on sun protection for kids can also be found here. A quality insect repellent helps to ward off pesky mosquitoes and other stinging insects.

First Aid on tour: With the right equipment it’s (almost) always a child’s play
A First Aid Kit should always be carried for emergencies: If despite all due care, you should get a blister or a splinter or sprain an ankle, then quality first aid kits can provide important immediate help. These must always be easily accessible and suitable for the size of the group and duration of the tour. When on tour with children, you really have to think about everything from flexible plasters or tweezers through to travel chewing gum, so TATONKA has conceived its special “First Aid Family”: This spacious first aid box (without contents) provides space for everything you need to be well-prepared for any emergency on a family holiday. The securely padded inside compartment with smaller adjustable sections closed by Velcro fasteners, with fixing loops and clear foil covers enable flexible filling as required and at the same time provide a clear overview in the case of emergency.