Planning is key: Tips on equipment and clothing for long-distance travels

Travelling long-distance means excitement, adventure but also often times having to wait for quite a while and being stressed during a flight. In order for you to enjoy your next trip to far-away countries we have compiled a list of the best tips regarding clothing and equipment.

Stress less and go for the onion look
Flexibility is the catch word when it comes to putting together your clothes for travelling. Temperatures can vary immensely between the points of departure and arrival; also, you will probably be stuck in air-conditioned rooms during your travel. This makes the onion principle perfect for long-distance travels. Wearing several layers of clothes keeps you warm but also makes it more comfortable for you when it gets warmer suddenly as you can just take off a layer or more. You can e.g. wear a shirt or a long sleeve over a t-shirt, adding depending on the temperatures and season a warm woollen jumper or a carding like Glenwood’s M’s / W’s Jacket. Natural fabrics such as silk, cotton or real wool are breathable and even out temperatures. This makes them more comfortable to wear than synthetics.

Also keep in mind to choose clothes that fit comfortably and loosely. When you choose tight clothes, they will eventually get rather uncomfortable and also constrict your legs impeding your blood flow.

As little as possible but as much as necessary

Your equipment goes through a lot during a long-distance travel. Along the way from your home over airports, stations and roads to your destination your equipment faces many exertions. Thus make sure your luggage is made of resilient material but still isn't too heavy by itself. The lighter your suitcase or bag is, the more space is left for your belongings. But still, try only to pack the bare essentials. Planning is the most important point here. Packing your suitcase the night before usually leads to packing too much in order to not forget anything important. Thinking of the climate of your destination, of planned activities and your travel time will help to limit your luggage. Still, make sure you're prepared for sudden changes in temperature and therefore add a warm jumper, swim wear and sun screen to your basic travel items.

Experience shows that basics usually don't change. Keep your packing list that shows everything you'd taken with you on your last trip and everything you'd crossed out - it will help you deciding on what to take next time.

In case you still need the right luggage for your next long-distance travel, check out TATONKA's recommendations.