Tips for leisure activities when camping with kids

In our last article we gave you some advices for the preparation and planning of your family vacation in a tent. To make sure that nobody gets bored during the holidays, we would like to give you additional tips and suggestions for leisure activities and entertainment of the little ones – no matter where you are.

  • The night hike: A night hike is a great adventure for children of every age. It underlines the “holiday mood” – as you would already be in bed at home – and offers plenty of impressions and experiences. It is a great opportunity to get to know the fauna by night, but also to imagine fantastic tales and tasks around the night hike.
  • The treasure hunt: Pretty much every kid loves to search for and collect treasures – not just in the classical way. This enthusiasm can lead to great memories and ideas and you do not need anything. At the beginning of your vacation you simply declare some kind of jar as a treasure chest, where the children can store their treasures. Beautiful stones, rounded shards, nuts, little sticks or even trash – you will be surprised what is valuable for the little ones. And back home, these items are a great opportunity to remember the camping trip together.
  • Vacation diary: Depending on the age of the children, a vacation diary can be created together or without help. In every case it is important to let the kids decide what is worth to be remembered. Besides drawings and handicrafts, you can collect entrance tickets, postcards, brochures and receipts as well as pressed leafs, flowers or grasses and paste them into. A nicely designed vacation diary is not just a great memory, but it also encourages the creativity and teaches us to pay attention to the little things and moments.
  • The picnic: Therefore you simply need a picnic blanket and outdoor dishes and the family fun is sure to follow. Being camping most meals have the character of a picnic, but for kids it is still a difference to plan them as such. You should jointly consider where to go and what to pack – typical regional delicacies are always a good idea. You can prepare the dishes together and thus strengthen the children’s awareness for cooking and healthy food.
  • Dices, pad and pencils: With this basic configuration you can have a lot of entertaining days. Whether to dram or to play, your possibilities are diverse, as you can play Yahtzee, Mia, Battleship, hangman, tic-tac-toe and more. Or you could invent your own game to make sure that boredom has no chance.


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