Tips for your perfect family vacation in a tent

Spending the night under the open sky, preparing your meals on your own and with the simplest of means and organizing your leisure time in nature - especially for kids camping is a great adventure. For parents on the other hand, the preparations and planning can be a big challenge. We have collected some useful tips and advices to help you enjoy your upcoming camping vacation jauntily.

To make sure that your camping trip with the family will be a success, it is important to start its organization in time. You should determine the destination at an early stage and include your kids in the planning process to increase their anticipation. Taking an active part in the holiday preparations, children feel more secure as their wishes are taken into account. Depending on the age, an own backpack or travel bag may emphasize this impact.

Solid preparations are the name of the game

You should decide early on the framework of you holidays - not just the region, but also the campsite. What is the camping ground’s equipment like? Are the sanitary facilities family-friendly? Is there a changing table or the possibility to bath a baby? Does the site offer leisure opportunities for kids, like for example a playground or a swimming pool? And what about your food? Do you wish to go out for your meals or solely be self-sufficient? And if so: Is there a possibility to cool perishable food? The answers to those questions will give you indications on what to think about while packing, and what you must not forget. It would be a shame to waste your time on the search for a cooling box or the like.

Leisure activities for all kinds of weather

Furthermore, it is important to roughly plan your leisure time at an early stage. You should consider alternatives for outdoor activities dependent on the weather in case rain or heat puts a spoke in your plan’s wheel. For that reason it is never wrong to pack family games, books or a wireless set as well as to plan on spending time in the tent. An additional ground sheet for your tent no just protects the tent’s ground, but also keeps the ‘living area‘ dry, so that it can be used to play. For reading out and telling stories, a torch or headlight is important. Alternatively a fireproof lamp may create an atmospheric ambiance.

A high-quality and spacious tent is the foundation

You are quite close the perfect camping trip with the family if you have found a suiting tent for your needs. To defy all kinds of weather conditions, you should definitely be vigilant about quality, high-grade materials and a good processing. Moreover, it may be beneficial to choose a larger model to organize your leisure time inside the tent as pleasant as possible. In this way it is easier to keep order and the kids have further space to play.

Do not forget the first-aid kit

During a vacation - especially when being outdoors - little injuries or diseases are no rarity. To react immediately in case of an emergency, it is important to update your first-aid kit. Expired product should be disposed and the content should match with the number of people, the children’s ages and the holiday region. Ideally you consult your family doctor as he knows your medical needs and may prophylactically prescribe necessary medication. Besides individual necessities, like allergies or climatically caused health risks, the following items should not be omitted:

  • sunscreen, cream for sunburns
  • repellant lotion
  • decongestant nose drops
  • ear drops
  • medication for cold symptoms (cough syrup, drops for sore throat…)
  • clinical thermometer and antipyretics
  • medication for gastrointestinal complaints
  • pain reliever
  • disinfectant
  • rash cream
  • bandages and patches (possibly with children’s motifs) for wound care

And if you are still looking for a suiting first-aid bag, you will make a find here.

Familiar items and rituals create a feeling of safety for the little ones

To ensure that the little ones feel safe and secure in unfamiliar surroundings, it is recommended to continue familiar rituals during the vacation. Whether it is the favorite bedtime story, a well known melody from the music box or simply having the cuddly toy or the cuddle cloth with you - familiarity creates safety. Make sure to pack all these things and the kids will surely feel fine.

Reconcile toys and holiday region

Furthermore, it is important to reconcile the toys brought along with you holiday destination. For instance, the most beautiful kite will not create any fun if there is no way to let it fly. For that reason you should not just inform yourself about the campsite, but also its environment to benefit from the advantages of the region. Sand toys, a ball and swimming things are pretty munch always a good idea, but roller skates or a table tennis set might also provide great pleasure. Do not pack too much. Most of the things you might need can be rented or bought locally and sometimes it is nice to be creative. The greatest games and toys can be made of package materials or natural items.


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