We think outdoor: Urban outdoor wear by TATONKA

Your jacket looks fab, it’s soft and also great to wear. But it's also waterproof and breathable. The sleeves don't ruck up when cycling and the hood stays out of your visual field. And this is just how we want it, because: we think outdoor!

Here are some important details on waterproof urban outdoor wear by TATONKA.

The fabrics we use are soft yet hardwearing and also wear-resistant and tear-proof.
A membrane on the wrong side ensures the fabric being waterproof and breathable.

The membrane is protected by a mesh lining. However, we line the sleeves with taffeta to make it easier for you to slip in and to take it off.

Many of our jackets and coats are provided with additional, hidden knitted cuffs. This is very comfortable because you don't have to adjust anything in order for the sleeves to fit tightly.

You can adjust the hood on several spots and thus avoid it getting into your field of vision when you move your head.

All inner pockets are provided with zips and are placed differently on the men's and women's jackets: The men's jackets have breast pockets, the women's jackets and coats have pockets at hip height to not appear bulky.

The cord-adjustable hem of the jackets and coats have a very handy safety feature that will keep its loops inside.

Also quite snazzy. TATONKA's women's coats are closed with two-way front zippers which can be opened from the bottom up to help you e.g. getting on your bike easier.

Care tips for your waterproof and breathable wear
Waterproof wear should always be washed using a detergent for functional wear that won't leave any residues in order to keep the membrane's functionality retained.
Wash the garment at 30° and do not tumble dry.

Waterproof wear is additionally proofed to let water drip off and keep dirt away; the proofing also improves the functionality of the membrane. After it is dry, either steam iron the garment slightly (level 1), blow dry it or put it shortly in the drier (overdrive) as this heat supply restores the proofing. (Note: This proofing has a latticed molecule structure and the lattice is "shifted" during washing. The heat supply helps the molecules to find their way back into a steady lattice structure.)

If needed, make sure to re-proof your garment, ideally using a spray proofing.