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Quick answers to important questions

What is the Open Factory?

This is a project that allows you to visit our Mountech production works in Vietnam, and see our high-quality, sustainable production facilities for yourself.Find out more at

Are my Tatonka products guaranteed?

Only the best materials are used for Tatonka products. Every single item we deliver has undergone thorough quality checks. But if anything is ever not quite right, we will, of course, remedy the matter under the guarantee within the statutory periods. Of course, normal wear parts such as buckles and straps may well fail over the years, and these we do not replace. Please take any badly damaged products to your retailer, and we will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. However, this arrangement does not apply if the item has been used inappropriately or damaged on purpose.

Can I purchase Tatonka products online?

Yes, but not directly from Tatonka. Go to and “Purchase online” for a list of select retailers where you can purchase any Tatonka and Teva product you like.

Can I send a faulty Tatonka item directly to Tatonka for repair?

No; unfortunately this is not possible for administrative reasons. Please contact your Tatonka retailer, who will be pleased to return the item for you. You will find the addresses of the Tatonka retailer at under “Contact”.

Is there a warehouse outlet in Dasing?

No. Tatonka products are only available from specialist retailers and through the Internet. You’ll find details of a retailer near you on our website.

Are there different carrying systems for women and men?

Yes, because there are lots of differences between the male and the female anatomy. For instance, women need more rounded shoulder straps, more concave hip belts and softer padding. You’ll find an overview of the various carrying systems and tips on achieving the right adjustment here.

How does the volume information work?

We measure our rucksacks, bags and so on in litres. This means we fill them with granulate bags of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 litres, which provides us with very precise information about the actual volume, including outside pockets and lid compartments.

Can I put my tent and rucksack in the washing machine?

It’s better not to, because this will invalidate the guarantee. Rucksacks and bags are easy to clean with lukewarm water and washingup liquid. It doesn’t take long to clean tents with a sponge and water, either. Dry everything to prevent mildew and smells. Also important for you: all our materials are coated, so there is no need to impregnate them.

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