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Supplier & Manufacturer collaboration


Innovation through teamwork

Our experiences of the past are what give us our innovative strength for the future. Working closely with suppliers – many of whom have been with us for decades – and selected partners we are able to drive new developments forward and create products that contribute to a sustainable future.

Outdoorschule Süd e.V.: First-aid sets

The Outdoorschule Süd e.V. is the largest provider for outdoor emergency management services in the German-speaking world as well as offers professional first-aid courses focused specifically on people who are active in the outdoors. In 2008, Tatonka worked closely with the Outdoorschule Süd to create first-aid bags designed specially for emergencies in the wilderness. Depending on the duration of the trek and the size of the group, this line of bags offers users the most suitable bag size and equipment.

Bergwacht (Mountain Rescue): Functional mountain backpacks

Tatonka and the Bavarian Mountain Rescue service have worked together for a number of years now. Tatonka develops mountain backpacks for the rescue service, and they have a long list of requirements that need to be met. They also need to be continually optimized and the know-how flows steadily into the development of its own backpack collection.

RECCO: RECCO® reflectors

The Swedish rescue system specialist, RECCO®, developed a helicopter detector that is used all year round to expedite rescue missions in the mountains and in impassable outdoor regions. As the first outdoor gear manufacturer to use it, Tatonka integrates the new technology in a wide range of its products, equipping many of its backpacks with RECCO® reflectors to provide its customers with an added element of safety.

Invista: Cordura® materials

The Cordura® used by Tatonka is an extremely durable and tear-resistant polyamide fabric in both the 700 and 500 thread size versions. As one of the few outdoor manufacturers to use this material in our backpacks we are able to achieve superb tear-resistance characteristics and durability. One special product is the 700 version of the fabric, which features a clever balance of lightness and strength. Cordura® is a registered brand of Invista, a company from the United States of America.


Kryptonic Technologies: Cryptalloy® screening foil

Cryptalloy® is a TÜV-certified screening foil that prevents the unwanted data readout of RFID chips. The foil is produced by the company Kryptonic Technologies based in Munich, Germany. Due to its high quality compared to other screening foil materials, in particular the secure and certified screening of radio waves in all relevant radio transmission frequencies, Cryptalloy® is our first choice for data security. Tatonka uses the foil in its RFID blocking products, the professional workmanship of which is then tested and confirmed by Kryptonics Technologies.


ESI: Technical fabrics

Our top partner in the development of textiles is based in Seoul, Korea, and they constantly impress us with their passion for technical materials. ESI has supplied us with backpack and clothing textiles for over 20 years, sometimes even customized to meet our specific needs. In close exchanges with them we are able to discuss specifications, optimize fabrics down to the last detail and occasionally even have them manufactured exclusively for Tatonka.

Woojin: Plastic buckles

The South Korean plastic buckle manufacturer, Woojin, operates a production site in Vietnam, which means resource-friendly transport distances between our facilities. Woojin and Tatonka have been working together for so many years we’re almost like family. The relationship includes not just development coordination but also exclusive fabrication. Tatonka uses Woojin components throughout its entire range of products.

Yunan: Tent poles

Yunan Aluminium Co. Ltd. From South Korea is one of the world’s leading makers of tent poles. The company controls the manufacturing process as well, from raw aluminum to finished poles. This ensures that the high standards of quality as well as all environmental regulatory requirements in their production are entirely monitored and fulfilled. Tatonka has been working with Yunan for many years and we have always enjoyed a very successful collaborative exchange with them in terms of technical innovations.

YKK: Zippers

The Japanese company YKK is the global leader in zipper manufacturing and has a vast array of products in its range. Tatonka has used YKK zippers for many years in both its clothing collection as well as in its equipment collection, in particular the tear-resistant YKK zippers with RC (Racquet-Coil) technology.

Trimmers: Wheel systems for trolleys

Trimmers is a well-known South Korean producer of durable, high-end trolley suitcase wheel systems. Like Tatonka, they also produce in Vietnam. This means short, resource-friendly transport distances and an ability to make quick, flexible adjustments to new developments. The company makes hyperelastic TPU wheels specially for Tatonka that are incredibly quiet because of their minimal rolling resistance.

Ulrichswerkstätten Schwabmünchen: First-aid sets

The Ulrichswerkstätten in Schwabmünchen is part of Caritas Augsburg. Roughly 200 employees are given personalized support here to find a variety of different jobs. The Ulrichswerkstätten Schwabmünchen is where Tatonka first-aid bags are packed.

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