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Open Factory

Social responsibility & sustainability – We manufacture in house and our operation is transparent!

As a family-run company, social responsibility and sustainability aren’t just marketing slogans – they are values we live by. We take responsibility for our employees in both Germany and in Vietnam.

We are the only outdoor manufacturer to fabricate all of our own products ourselves in a fully transparent manner – for over 30 years now. With our Open Factory program, anyone can visit the SA8000-certified Mountech Co. Ltd. factory in Vietnam, anytime and during production hours.

Seeing it yourself creates trust!

For many people it is becoming increasingly important to buy products that are made under socially accountable and fair conditions. Companies that work with contract manufacturing deals often prove their fair production practices with seals and certificates. At Tatonka we are doing things completely differently with the Open Factory. We open our factory once a week to visitors.

The Open Factory – open doors since 2011

The Open Factory program was created in 2011 because we felt it was important to not only have our operation certified in accordance with the internationally recognized SA8000 social standard, but also to grant access to the production facility for anyone with a personal interest. Some are interested in our social standards while others just want to know how a backpack is made.

Visitations during operating hours

Once a week the doors of our factory are opened for visitors – during operating hours. For more information about our Open Factory program go to

SA8000:2014 certified

Since 2011, our Mountech Co. Ltd. factory has been certified according to the globally recognized social standard SA8000, which confirms our accountability as an employer. For the year 2011, MADE BY, a European not-for-profit organization, confirmed that the company reached 100% of the stipulated social standards. The certificate is always valid for three years, at which time a renewed audit is carried out. Compliance with the requirements is tested twice a year. In July 2017, TÜV Rheinland carried out its most recent audit, which confirmed for another three years that the facilities are in compliance with current SA8000 standards.

SA8000 – the globally recognized social standard

SA8000 was initiated in 1987 by the non-profit organization SAI (Social Accountability International, based in New York. It allows companies with their own manufacturing locations to prove their social responsibility and currently holds them to the most extensive and comprehensive standards in the world. The standards are based on national laws, the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights and on working standards of the ILO (International Labour Organisation). Certification and monitoring is done by independent companies accredited by SAI, in this case TÜV Rheinland.

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